Happy Sprinkles Silver Rods
Happy Sprinkles Silver Rods

Happy Sprinkles Silver Rods

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925er Sprinkles Silver!

Fun Fact which you may not even believe us: These contain raw spaghetti! Yep, you read right - it's essentially pasta coated in sugar! Why don't you have a bite and see for yourself? We seriously can't get enough of these sugary rods and they're high up on our favourite list of perfect cake toppings. They're a true allrounder - the metallics don't just lighten up any of our sprinkle mixes but they also steal the show solo. If you're mixing your own combination of sprinkles - these are a must! - 90g


Sugar, semolina flour (wheat), colouring (E174), stabilizer (E414), gelatin (fish). May contain traces of milk, soy and nuts. 

Nutritional values per 100g:

Kcal: 388; Kj: 1648; Fat: 0,3g; of which saturates 0,1g; Carbohydrates: 93,7g; of which sugars: 79,1g; Protein: 2,5g; Salt: <0,1g