Happy Sprinkles Sweet Mermaid
Happy Sprinkles Sweet Mermaid

Happy Sprinkles Sweet Mermaid

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Under the sea, under the sea…This pastel mix transports us straight into the underwater world with Arielle & Co with lots of beautiful corals in shining colours. Metallic purple chocolate pearls, dull rods and sugar pearls in all pastel rainbow colours make this mix a true looker . The sugar sprinkles are perfect for any bake - whether cupcakes, cakes or donuts! -90g


Sugar, starch (wheat), starch (corn), starch (potato), starch (rice), flour (wheat semolina), flour (rice), dextrose, glucose syrup, E120, E131, E132, E133, E141, E171, food coloring (concentrate of spirulina), food coloring (beet root extract), vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable oil (rapeseed), vegetable fat (oil palm), sunflower oil, glazing agent (E901), glazing agent (E903), glazing agent (E904), stabilizer (E414), stabilizer (E464), stabilizer (E460(i)), aroma, acidifier (E330), salt, emulsifier lecithin (soy), emulsifier (E472a), release agent talcum, natural vanilla flavouring, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa solids, food coloring: concentrate of apple, emulgator lecithine, food coloring (concentrate of safflor), food coloring (concentrate of lemon), apple extract, lemon extract, spirulina extract. Can contain traces of nuts.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Kcal: 401; Kj: 1696; Fat: 3,2g; of which saturated: 2,1g; Carbohydrates: 90,2g; of which sugars: 85,4g; Protein: 0,7g; Salt: <0,1g