Brigid's Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe

Brigid's Chocolate Biscuit Recipe is recipe that tastes delicious and is quick and easy, no baking!! Perfect to use with your cake tin liner. you can also add any chocolate bars you like ie. Crunchie, Maltesers, Raisins or nuts.

       Makes an 8" round x 4" high  or 6" round x 6" high ( with some left over)


  • Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup, over a bambaree do not over heat
  • Crush the biscuits not too fine, have various sizes of broken biscuits
  • Once the chocoalte mixture is melted add the biscuits and mix
  • Finally pop in your maltesers and give a final mix
  • Place mixture into your tin that is lined with your Brigids Easy Cake Tin Liner. You can find how to complete this step here.

You can also add any other chocolate bars that you like, some even add raisins and nuts. Just have fun with the basic recipe.