6 Inch White Cake Pop Sticks

6 Inch White Cake Pop Sticks

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Our cake pop sticks are super strong, manufactured to extremely close tolerances to ensure consistency in shape and size. The candy adheres to the paper more readily than other materials such as plastic.

Made from natural fibres, these sticks are 100% biodegradable and a safer option for young children, consisting of no sharp edges, splintering or serrated edges. The paper used is made from clean renewable sources, much safer than the petroleum by-products used in the manufacture of plastics.

What makes our cake pop sticks so great?

✔ Strong, high quality
✔ Environmentally-friendly
✔ Independently tested as 100% biodegradable
✔ Odourless and taste free
✔ No sharp edges or splintering
✔ Chlorine and fluorescent free
✔ In compliance with FDA standards

This pack includes 25 white cake sticks.
Each stick measures 6" long (20.3cm)