Choctastique Spray Ice

Choctastique Spray Ice

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Spray Ice is a revolutionary product that instantly cools sugar or chocolate-based products.

As Seen on British Bake Off...

Use Spray Ice to instantly cool chocolate and sugar work. The spray freezes your decorations in place so that you can build your creations quickly without having to wait for the chocolate to set - as seen on Chocolate Week of The Great British Bake Off 2018

Shake well before spraying. Hold the can approximately 20cm away from the surface and spray an even layer over the desired area.

After use, remove the nozzle and wash in hot soapy water to prevent clogging. It comes with a precision nozzle attachment enabling precision spraying for use on even the most intricate cakes.

It freezes the chocolate in place making the building process quick and easy! You no longer have to wait for chocolate to cool to set securely in place.

Spray Ice is completely edible and the large 500ml can will last you for many projects. Spray Ice helps keep your hard work intact.

Contains 500ml.

Propellant: LPG

Contains no allergens.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.