FMM Peony Cutter Set Of 4
FMM Peony Cutter Set Of 4

FMM Peony Cutter Set Of 4

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Making amzing peony bouquets for cakes for weddings and other landmark occasions such as anniversaries? Or perhaps you just wish to make those lovely edible rose flower cake decorations and heartwarming touches to cakes, cupcakes and other treats for Valentine’s Day and the like.

How to Use

Full instructions on how to use these peony petal cutters are provided on the reverse of the packaging. See those same instructions summarised briefly below for your own reference:

1. Using flower paste of your desired colour, make a cone shape about ¾ of the size of the smallest cutter. Dip the end of a cocktail stick into edible glue and insert this into the base of your cone, and then leave this to dry overnight.

2. Roll out some paste thinly and cut out four petals using the smallest cutter. Place the petals onto a firm foam pad and soften the edges using a ball tool. Brush one of the petals with edible glue and with the ‘point’ facing to the side, place the cone onto the petal and wrap around to form a tight ‘bud’.

3. Attach the next petal (point facing downwards) so it is slightly higher than the bud. Stick the left side down and leave the right side open. Tuck the next petal under the first, again leaving the right side open. Add the final petal in the same way and stick the right side over the first petal.

4. Roll out more paste and cut five more petals using the smallest cutter. Soften the edges using the ball tools and curl back the two top edges using a wooden cocktail stick. Attach the petals as described for the previous layer.

5. Cut seven petals using the middle sized cutter. Soften the petals, curl the top edges back and leave the petals to dry for five minutes so that they hold their shape. Add to the flower as before the create the layer.

6. Cut the final layer of nine petals using the largest cutter. Soften the petals, curl back the top edges and leave the petals to dry for five minutes before adding to the flower as before. Place the flower into a flower former, removing the stick when dry.

7. Secure the peony in place on the cake using a little royal icing.

 - Reusable and made from durable, food safe plastic - safe around the kids.

- Easy to clean with warm, soapy water.

- Dry before use.