Freeze Dried Redcurrants 35g - Vera Miklas

Freeze Dried Redcurrants 35g - Vera Miklas

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Red currants share some similarities with blackcurrants in terms of their nutritional profile and health benefits.

However, incorporating a variety of colorful fruits into our diet, including both red and black currants, can contribute to a balanced and nutritious eating pattern.

They can be used in various ways, such as adding them to cereals, yogurt, smoothies, baked goods, or simply enjoyed on their own as a snack. 

  • Snack on them straight from the pot

  • Sprinkle them over cereal, porridge, yogurt or pancakes for a burst of flavour

  • Throw the into Smoothies. They blend well with other fruits, leafy greens, yogurt, and milk alternatives

  • Fold them into muffins, scones, bread, or granola bars for added sweetness and texture

  • Mix into Salads. They will add colour, sweetness and tanginess and also nutritional boost.

  • Crush them over ice cream, yogurt

  • Mix with natural Greek yogurt
  • Add them to Fruit salad
  • Combine with nuts, seeds, and other dried fruits to create your own custom trail mix for hiking or snacking on the go

  • Cake and dessert decoration –  meringues, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, puddings
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – infuse the fruit or use as a decoration (cold or hot water), smoothies
  • Make Fruit Compote or Sauce: Rehydrate freeze-dried redcurrants by soaking them in warm water or juice, then use them to make a flavourful fruit compote or sauce to accompany pancakes, waffles, or desserts.


We recommend storing the fruit in an airtight container like glass jar at room temperature below 20dgrC or in the fridge. To keep the fruit crispy, take what you need and close the jar straightaway. It will prevent the fruit from absorbing the moisture from the air. If it happens and you will leave the jar open and the fruit will become soft, use it as soon in possible on your porridge, mix with yogurt, tea, drinks, dessert decorations….