Saracino Almond Flour

Saracino Almond Flour

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Almond Flour

 It is available in 200 g packages (20 pieces per master box) and we can proudly say that it is the excellence of the pastry’s sector.

It is made of exclusively carefully selected, peeled and ground almonds, which is ts only ingredient.

It is low in carbohydrates and glycemic index but it is very rich in fiber and proteins and it gives to any preparations an unique and intense flavor.

It is perfect to prepare several dessert such as macarons, almond paste or mazipan, amaretti, sponge cake, puff pastry, pastry, creams and salted and sweet pies.

When combined with other flours, it is exquisite to prepare both sweet and salted bread and focaccias and it fits perfectly with vegetarian, vegan and gluten intollerants’ diets.



ALLERGENS: Possible cross contamination with: NUTS (ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, WALNUTS)

USER INSTRUCTION: Ready to use product

STORAGE PRECAUTIONS: The product must be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct light and heat sources

NUTRITION DECLARATION – Typical values per 100 grams

Energy 2423 kJ – 579 Kcal

Fats 50 grams of which saturates 3,8 grams

Carbohydrate 22 grams PAS003K02of which sugars 4,3 grams

Protein 21 grams

Salt 0,001 grams

Fibers 13 grams